February 3, 2011
Scott is a miracle worker! I have been training with him for six weeks now. I have made more progress in those six weeks than I ever have with previous trainers. I had resigned myself to think that my genetic makeup and my age were obstacles that could not be overcome. But I can now see the changes that I thought were not possible! Scott is a true professional. He has a written plan prior to each workout, consistently tracks the weight and reps to ensure constant strength and stamina improvement. Each workout is specifically designed to ensure that my past injuries and problem areas are not irritated. Yet I am able to do more in my workouts than I ever thought possible.

January 23, 2012
I initially intended to train with Scott for about six weeks just to get some quick results. I was so impressed with his training that here I am a year later, still one of Scott's clients. He always has a plan for the workout, he is motivating, knowledgeable, and professional. If you want results and you want the best, Scott is the trainer you should call.

- Wendy R., 46, Mother of 2

Scott is an excellent personal trainer! He is very motivating and extremely helpful. Every time I go to the gym we are working on something new. I can't believe some of the stuff he comes up with, but that's what makes it fun! I don't know how he did it, but my "muffin top" is almost nonexistent! Yahoo!!! Since I am also trying to lose some weight I mentioned to Scott that I use an Online Food Diary to keep track of my calories and nutrition. I ended up giving Scott my username and password for this account so that he could take a look at how I am doing and make recommendations for me. Well Scott was right on board with this and reports back to me every week with things I should cut back on and other foods I should try and incorporate into my diet! Overall just a great experience...I can't say enough great things about Scott!"

- Cathy G., 43, Computer Programmer

Scott's training skills are top notch. He knows how to push for results and is intuitive at reading my energy level before and during sessions. He carefully balances machines, floor exercises, and free weights to tailor our workouts to my needs. Combined with food journaling and regularly-scheduled measurements my results were almost immediate and have proved to be long-lasting. In short, Scott's the best trainer I've worked with and I'd highly recommend him."

- Tim M., 46 , Publishing

Scott's workouts are killer. Since training with Scott, I've become faster, stronger, and leaner! I am heavy into martial arts and fighting, so to me there is nothing better than being faster and stronger...

Since Scott has helped me physically and mentally recreate myself, my performance has excelled. I used to be mediocre, but now I'm a MACHINE!!!"

- Chris N., 31, Student / Jiu Jitsu Competitor

I have been working with Scott here in North County San Diego since January 2011 (1 month), and sincerely feel he is the best personal fitness trainer I have ever worked with.(I have had 2 previous personal trainers).

Scott fully understands my goals and keeps me very much on track with both my fitness (2 hours/week) and with diet recommendations. He is a true fitness professional, keeping me motivated through the workouts, as well as insuring that I keep good form to make sure I am getting the most out of my time, and staying safe.

After 3 years of working out on my own, and not keeping in shape, I plan on keeping Scott indefinitely on my weekly schedule to keep in shape and to further enhance my strength, and reduce the impact of working behind a desk 50+ hours a week.

Cheers to Scott!

- James R., 46, Senior VP Conference Services

Scott did more than I expected! Not only is he motivating during the training session but he is always there when I have a question about nutrition or a workout. I have been going to the gym on and off for years now and I have learned so much with Scott. Even if you have been never had a trainer or have been going to the gym for years, having Scott as a personal trainer will be great!!

- Roxanna G., 25, Insurance Agent

I started training with Scott years ago. At the time, I was as much of a couch potato as one could be!! Scott has a way of not only motivating you but creating a confidence that makes you want to search out new and exciting ways to be fit and healthy. Scott is knowledgeable about body mechanics and nutrition so you really get a complete body overhaul from the inside out. As my needs changed and my body changed, Scott worked with me to meet all of my goals. At first, I was after fat loss. Goal attained! After I lost the fat I needed to, we moved onto building muscle and strength. Again....goals achieved! In fact, there were many things I never thought I'd be doing in a gym, yet Scott found ways of pushing me forward. I find myself today with a solid base of knowledge and confidence to achieve goals inside the gym and out that couldn't have been achieved without his help.If you're looking for a personal trainer....trust me....you just CAN'T go wrong with Scott!!!!

- Rich H, 37., Pharmaceutical Rep

Scott is a fantastic trainer...when I started with him I weighed 177 pounds and got to 136...in about 8 months. I am now proud to show off all the muscles Scott helped me develop. He had a different routine for me every time and they were creative, hard, challenging and effective. I live in Oregon now but every time I am back in S. Cal. I call on Scott.

- Jeanine J., 56, Actress

Scott Isley is an amazing trainer. The first time I worked with him, I felt comfortable right away. I am a large female, but Scott was very patient and caring. He watched my body movement and explained to me exactly what was wrong with my posture and body dynamics. I was aware of my problems, but I did not know how to fix them. Scott knew. The fact that he was able to explain my weaknesses to me, showed how intensely he observes and cares about his clients. I knew right away that he was completely different from any other trainer I had ever met. He motivates me to care about myself, because he cares. He motivates me to track my food, drink lots of water, do my cardio, work on my posture, everything! My self-esteem and self-worth have improved, along with my body dynamics. I plan to continue with him, so I can lose weight and get stronger. I'm so fortunate to have him in my life. Lydia M.

- Lydia M., 44, Teacher

Scott has a great approach on training. I have been to many trainers and none of them have been as educated as he is. Scott knows exactly what areas people want to work on before they even tell him. I have looked high and low in LA to find a trainer and Scott has been the best.

- Mike T., 29, Entrepreneur

I've trained with Scott now for over three years. He is an outstanding trainer, particularly well versed in health issues and in finding the right program for each individual client. He is thoughtful, thorough, plans ahead for each visit and makes sure you get the most out of each hour you spend with him. Above all, he is patient while you're finding your way to better health. He'll work with you on planning your diet and supplementing exercise and cardio away from the gym as well. If you're a client of Scott's, you've got somebody watching out for your best health.

- Allen G, 63, Marketing Executive

In the short time Scott has been my trainer, I have increased both my stamina and strength. Scott is very motivating and is truly invested in your success. He will be as involved as you would like him to be in your food plan. Scott's main goal is to get you healthy and of course, weight loss is usually a part of it. Scott sends personal motivating emails throughout the week to help keep you on track. Scott is easy-going with a good sense of humor, which he definitely needs when he works with me. I am a tough nut to crack and he hasn't given up on me yet. I have knee problems and Scott is always cognizant of that fact when he plans my workouts. He makes sure you use proper form so as to get the maximum benefits of each exercise. Scott is a great guy and an excellent trainer.

- Lisa S., 46, Mother of 3

Scott is an excellent trainer. He has a passion for designing a program especially for each client's needs, and keeping it fresh and fun as goals are met. He's given me a much better sense of how the body works, and by changing things up he's kept my enthusiasm high over time. Great guy, great trainer. I'd highly recommend him.

- Erik N., 35, Professional Poker Player